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Registration Form for Next Step 2018

Name__________________________________________________________ Age__________           Guy or Gal?

Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________________________



Previous Training?____________________________________________________________________________


Foods you won’t eat ________________________________________________________________________

Medical issues we should be aware of:_________________________________________________________

Favorite comic actor/comedian?______________________________________________________________

Where do you clown?_______________________________________________________________________


What specific topics are you hoping to learn?__________________________________________________


Interested in sharing hotel room expense?       Yes    /     No     

Need transportation from the airport?      Yes    /     No               ($10 travel fee accepted at pick-up)

Other stuff you want us to know:______________________________________________________________


$_______________       (Registration is $375.  Alumni rate: $325.  To secure your spot, please send $75)

Please email to  or paper mail to:         
Randy Christensen, 2117 Peregrine Lane, North Mankato, MN 56003     
(Checks written to Randy Christensen,  not Next Step.)

Thursday, January 04, 2018


Next Step 2018 Co-Instructor: Jeff McMullen

Hey Hey!

Some of you that are new to the clown world may not be aware of Jeff. He has performed most of his recent career in the Appleton, Wisconsin area. He also has quickly risen to become one of the most noted "Santa Claus" performers in the USA.

Jeff is also a college speech instructor, motivational speaker, and certified karate coach. Jeff is a distinguised graduate of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College and, in his earlier days, toured nationally with the RBBB circus. Jeff also has represented McDonald's restaurants as part of its personality-based marketing programs. 

In 1989, he was asked to serve as an instructor/curriculum developer for the Clown College's history-making founding session in Japan (the Gold Unit). He has been a personal mentor to many noted clowns performing today including Rone' & Gigi, Karen DeSanto, the Phoenix Suns Gorilla mascot, and the comedy duo, Miller & Mike.

In 1991, he became the star performer and Director of Western Entertainment at Reoma World (Theme Park), in Southern Japan. Jeff brings great insights on the business of clowning, along with comedy insights, routining and age-appropriate physicality. He has been a regular instructor at the Clown Camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and also recently taught at the American Clown Academy.  You can read a bunch more about Jeff at:

I'm thrilled that you (and I!) will be able to learn from Jeff during our days together!


Next Step 2018. It's Happening!

It's happening!   It will have been 3 years since the last "Next Step Workshop."  Are you ready for the next step in your clowning? your ministry?  Join us on November 7-11 in Mankato, Minnesota.

I'm excited to announce that the main presenters/coaches, along with myself, will be Jeff McMullen and Colleen Fouts!  (More information on them coming in future posts.)

Mark the calendar now and plan to join us next Fall!

Saturday, October 07, 2017


Next Step 2018 Announcement

Hey Friends!

I'm working on the November 2018 line-up and location for another "Next Step" Workshop!  We will either be in Chicago area or here in my hometown of Mankato, MN.  The dates will be November 7-11, 2018.

Mark your calendar now and plan to be with a dozen other passionate, experienced, clowns who want to make the Next Step in their performance presentations and their personal ministry.  More information will be coming before the end of the year.

Monday, February 29, 2016


When is the next NEXT STEP?

Hi friends!  Thanks for taking a moment and checking up on "The Next Step" workshop.

Currently, in my role as the President of the World Clown Association, and also as a traveling performer, and as a part-time children's pastor at a local church, my time commitments will not allow me to provide a Next Step workshop in 2016.

My plan will be to host one in the Spring of 2017.

If you want to participate in a training time with me, I invite you to join me at:

1. The World Clown Association in Orlando during the first week of March 2016. (More info at
2. Join me for a workshop in Toronto in May 2016.
3. Join me in Thailand for the World Clown Association in the winter of 2017.

In the meantime, you may also read my articles in the WCA magazines and website, along with my personal clown ministry website at

Be blessed!

Randy Christensen

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Next Step 2015 - Mankato Review

We had ten student participants and three staff in Mankato for an incredible 5 days. Eight states were represented. We began with a performance by the Next Step staff - Ben "Hopper" Christensen, Randy "Micah" Christensen, and Jeff "JB" McMullen.  This "family service" was a great way to start the workshop by allowing our host church families and our students to observe many of the principles and processes that we would be learning during the rest of the workshop.

Here are some of the photos and some of the student responses following the workshop:

Barb from Georgia said:  "Next Step was an indescribable experience; one of stretching growth,  making lasting friendships and spiritual leadership targeted for clown ministry.  My prayer is that God will open doors for us and we can reflect God's love to all we encounter..."

Greg began clowning 32 years ago and he shared:  "I loved The Next Step Workshop. It wasn't what I thought it would be but it was still spectacular.... it was a mighty stretch.I loved the religious aspect of it. I wish there was another one next year. 

Deborah from Missouri stated,  "The "Next Step Workshop" was everything and more than I expected.  Meeting all of you was a JOY!  I have realized that Clown friends are the best!!   ...Randy, Jeff, and Ben, thank you for taking an interest in us and helping us grow and stretch so we can use the tool of clowning to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe that clowning is a wonderful tool that can be used to connect with others. I really enjoyed the time  with you all. (Also would like to thank Karen for her hospitality. The food was GREAT!)"

Colleen from Indiana said, "Next Step Workshop with Randy ChristensenBen Christensen and Jeff McMullen do I say this??? Perfect? Inspiring? Wonderful? Mind-stretching? Body stretching? Soul and Spirit stretching? Hum.....what word to use....well, why squabble over words, let's just say it was ALL of the above and more! I loved meeting my new clown friends/family. I loved learning and yes, being critiqued. I loved that the Spirit of the Lord was there to help and refresh. I loved the fact that it was a time for even CLOWNS TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. The stuff I learned (and I will find out just how much I learned when I review my notes. lol) was professional and fun with the focus of doing our best for the Lord. I am so thankful the Lord gave me the opportunity and means to attend. Thanks to our! May God bless every bone in your bodies! (especially the ones that may hurt after our stretches. LOL)

Sessions on character development, attitudes and principles for growth, mime movement and mime concepts, writing comedy clown material with a theme (approached from five different models), teaching scripture and/or themes with creative visuals, and numerous other topics were shared.

Also, the cooking by Karen Christensen was non-stop fabulous.  

We enjoyed an evening of sharing and learning at Randy & Karen's house as part of our schedule too.

The Next Step Workshop concluded with the participants performing three full Sunday morning programs plus visiting the preschool children at Hillside Church in Mankato.

Saturday, November 07, 2015


Sunday Services at the Next Step 2015

Here is the service that was entirely written and developed and presented at the Next Step Workshop in Mankato, MN.

Next Step Clowns  - Prayer
November 8, 2015

*music  /  clowns greeting

Sing:      *JOY!

——-welcome / rules (with clowns disobeying)Watch & Spray/prayer 

Sing:     *Give Him Praise
    *Glory To God    (with streamers)

——-offering & hand out Bibles to kids——
sing:  *I Love You (Yancy)
  (clowns go behind)

Last week we talked about Moses….he met God by the burning bush and God spoke to him. This was not the only time that God spoke to Him.

Clown Skit:  Prayer is talking with God (Ringy Dingy)

Randy:  Exodus 19&20  Moses was in the Desert of Sinai… (vs.3) “Then Moses went up to God, and the Lord called o him from the mountain…”  Moses went left the people, and went up the mountain and met with God. WITH UKELELE (He’ll be going up the mountain when he goes) God told him specific commands…and gave him 2 stone tablets.(He’ll be carrying 10 commandments when he comes…)  …which he carried down to the people…(He will be coming down the mountain when he comes)  ….Maybe it looked something like this….  (*intro music)

Flash Theater Presentation:  Moses Receives the 10 Commandments

God spoke to Moses many times…in the desert from the burning bush…on the Mountain…and Moses spoke with God. That’s called prayer.  Prayer is talking WITH God. …not just AT God, or to God…but WITH God.  He speaks to us. We speak to him.  …do you take time to pray?

The Bible says that we should take time to pray.  (Cookie enters)

(Actions & Rythyms)   *Psalm 55:17  Evening and morning and at noon will I pray.”

Professor’s Nightmare with Lomax:  Lists 3 times each day…whether it’s a short prayer, a long prayer, or an average prayer. …it’s important to pray.

Sometimes we ask God for things when we pray.   …a while ago we had a service where we talked about how we can now be friends with God.  Do you have friends?  Do you ever ask them for help?  Let’s watch this short story about a friend who asked for help from another friend.

Clown Skit:  “Don’t Give Up”  (written with story parallels from Luke 11)

Bible Story:   Sometimes people think that it’s not important to pray.  That praying doesn’t help…  Jesus said in Luke 11:5-8 (read)….    You see, God is not unwilling to “get up” and help you!  
Jesus said, Luke 11:9-10  “Ask…seek…knock…”

(*windows) Conclusion:  God used Moses to do great things.  …but one of the most important things that Moses ever DID was pray. He would speak to God, and God would speak to him.  So, when do you take time to speak with God. …and when do you take time to listen to Him?  Let’s make a decision, that we will take time to pray every day.    The evening is good. The morning is good. and at noon is good.   “Evening and morning and at noon will I pray.”



 BGMC next Sunday —- can you “outgive” God?  ….I challenge you to try!
This Wednesday is Operation Christmas Child (come with family)
Recite Colossians 1:13,14 next Sunday
(*circus music)  Big thank you to the Next Step Clowns!   (introduce yourself and where you are from)
Q & A with clowns if time allows *music as they exit

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Registration Form for Next Step Workshop 2015

Name__________________________________________________________ Age__________           Guy or Gal?

Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________________________________



Previous Training?_______________________________________________________________________________


Foods you won’t eat ____________________________________________________________________________

Medical issues we should be aware of:_____________________________________________________________

Favorite comic actor/comedian?__________________________________________________________________

Where do you clown?_____________________________________________________________________________

What specific topics are you hoping to learn?_______________________________________________________


Interested in sharing hotel room expense?       Yes    /     No                

Need transportation from the airport?      Yes    /     No               ($10 travel fee accepted at time of travel)

Other stuff you want us to know:_________________________________________________________________


Payment included: $_______________      (Registration is $375. Alumni rate is $300.)

Please email to  or paper mail to:

Randy Christensen, 2117 Peregrine Lane, North Mankato, MN 56003


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